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New food is coming!

Enjoy happiness with our new Chimac Bibimbab! Stay tuned!


Experience the real taste of Korean table top BBQ with our infrared, smokeless grill.

“No smoke, No worries, No dry-cleaning cost after Korean BBQ.”

Available at CHIMAC+


Our special Korean Gochujang sauce is made with the combination of 11 different ingredients for that perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy. We also make our own infused soy sauce, a blend of garlicky and sweet with mild saltiness.


Based on traditional Korean fried chicken recipe, each piece of chicken is carefully battered, dusted in secret flour and deep fried in Australian-made canola oil.

That’s Happiness!

Since November 2012, ‘Happiness’ is what we aim for. At the end of a long hard day, we know just what you need. There’s nothing like ultra-crispy chicken in your left hand, a glass of ice cold beer in your right and saying, “Hey! bring me some Bulgogi Ta-Kor!” Now that’s what we call ‘Happiness’!


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